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Understanding the Block System® 6 - Spinal Articulation

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
Spinal Articulation is normally introduced into the teaching program after several weeks’ acquaintance with the Block System™. It is a section that demands awareness and an already-established sense of full body movement and stabilization.

Understanding the Block System® - 5 Hip work

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
The hip joint is a ball and socket joint and as a weight bearing joint its structure is surrounded by many muscles that help to stabilize and mobilize the joint. Correct functioning and recruitment of muscles in this area will assist the client to walk, stand, sit and in general move more effectively.

Understanding the Block System® 4 - Abdominal work

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
The abdominal section of the BASI Pilates Block System deepens our awareness of the inner core. It highlights the correct use of the abdominals and challenges this particular muscle group in various positions, loads and ranges.

Understanding the Block System® 3 - Leg and Footwork

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
The footwork in the BASI Pilates Block System is a continuation from the warm-up. The benefits of the whole footwork series on all the apparatus is far reaching and has more benefits than typically understood.

Understanding the Block System® 2 - Warming Up

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
In any successful exercise program there is a beginning, middle and an end. A warm-up is required to prepare the body both physically and mentally for the class that is about to commence.

Understanding the Block System©

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
The Block System® is a very unique and key feature of BASI Pilates™ developed by founder and director, Rael Isacowitz. It is essentially a specialized ‘filing’ system for hundreds of exercises

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