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pilates and Osteoporosis

Stress Lifestyle and Osteoporosis

Posted in Research Papers / 07 December 2017
Certain aspects of current life such as: making a living in a very competitive society, being multitask, long working hours, less leisure hours, less physical activities, overload of information, increase of population and more chaotic life in cities, etc. Became too demanding on many of us.

Recovering From Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Female Runners

Posted in Research Papers / 24 November 2017
This research paper addresses the benefits of an ongoing BASI Pilates program that assists in prevention and recovery of Iliotibial Band Syndrome also known as ITBS or ITB, in female runners. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is most common in cyclists and runners - especially in female runner’s - due to the overuse of the connective tissues that are located on the outerknee and thigh.
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The Positive Effects of Pilates on a Forward Head Posture

Posted in Research Papers / 24 November 2017
I have chosen to focus my research on Forward Head Posture (FHP). This is due to my personal experience, which resulted in ACDF (Anterior Cervical Dissection and Fusion) surgery in October 2016, as well as the number of individuals I have trained, that have presented with a forward head posture, and the fact that this condition is now so common. This condition comes with a multitude of complications, including chronic pain, a more rounded and immobile thoracic region, with rounded and elevated shoulders, headaches, numbness and nerve pain referring down into their fingers, amongst other noted problems. Breathing capacity, mood and emotions are also affected by FHP.
Upper Cross Syndrome

BASI Pilates as a Corrective Tool for Upper Cross Syndrome

Posted in Research Papers / 08 November 2017
I have opted to centre my Comprehensive Teacher Training Course Research Paper on my personal postural diagnosis of Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS). Exploring this syndrome intellectually and physically has empowered me to empathize with my fellow suffers, and potential clients, on all levels.


Posted in Research Papers / 24 October 2017
Slow Recovery and Strengthening Exercises through Daily Pilates, Gentle Movement and an Anti-inflammatory Diet

Understanding the Block System® 6 - Spinal Articulation

Posted in Articles / 12 April 2017
Spinal Articulation is normally introduced into the teaching program after several weeks’ acquaintance with the Block System™. It is a section that demands awareness and an already-established sense of full body movement and stabilization.

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