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3 Essential Pilates hacks to make the most of your retreat

Pilates retreats are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take time to focus on your wellbeing. They have a holistic approach to bringing wellness back into your life, from the food you eat and the Pilates classes you take, to the meditations, breathwork and relaxing settings. If you’ve made time in your busy schedule and possibly paid a fair amount for your retreat, you’re going to want to get the best out of it.

Here are 3 of our top tips to maximise your wellness gains and enjoy being present in your Pilates retreat.

1. Don’t Be Shy

If you’re going to make the most of your retreat, don’t be shy to tell the organisers or lead Pilates instructor about any preferences you may have. If there are specific things you would like to include or remove from your diet let them know in advance. If you have certain areas of your body or fitness you’d like to focus on, chat to your Pilates instructor. If you would prefer a private room, speak to the organisers. Whatever would make the experience more comfortable for you, remember to speak up and ask for it.

2. Set an Intention

It could be a word, a phrase or a mantra - the point of setting an intention is to give yourself some guidance on what you are working towards and to remind yourself as you are working to remain present. It’s a good idea to set an intention for your time at the retreat, maybe you want to work on being more confident, remembering to give yourself some self-love, to appreciate things more, to find the beauty in everyday life. Intentions help give us purpose and can make the experience more rewarding.

3. Pack Smart

Being organised can greatly reduce any anxiety you may have, and it can also make the retreat more enjoyable. First things first, check the weather! Once you know if you’re packing Pilates outfits for warm, sunny days or chilly, rainy weather, the next step is to check if there are any optional activities for you to do. If there’s a dam or ocean that you’d like to swim in, or a forest or mountain you’d like to walk, you’ll need to add some extra gear.  Also remember to check if you need to bring your own mat! Another extra you may consider is to bring with a journal for any meditation practices or notes you’d like to take. If your goal is to unwind, consider packing some extra pampering items such as some bubble bath or essential oils.

Once you’re ready to set off to your Pilates retreat, let go of any expectations. Be open to the experience for what it is, being present in the moment. You deserve this break and your body deserves to be appreciated for all of its capabilities!

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