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Top 4 Pilates tips to get a flat tummy

One of the most frequent questions Pilates instructors are asked is, “How do I get abs?”. Both men and women often struggle with losing fat around their bellies. If you’re trying to tone up to see that six-pack but are having a hard time seeing results, you may need to rethink your strategy.

1. Use the right measurements!

When people aim to lose belly fat, their first thought is often how much they want to weigh and how much weight they want to lose per week. While weight can be a good indicator of progress, it is certainly not the best. Why? Because muscle weighs more than fat! So, if you’re working out and gaining muscle, you’re not going to be losing weight as quickly as you may have had in mind. Rather measure your waist with a tape measure, then check in each week to see if there have been any improvements.

2. Stop just training abs

For years people believed that spot training (working out a targeted area) would mean seeing results where you want them. This is a total myth! If you want to see your abs, you’ll need to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat that’s covering them – this is a layer of fat beneath the skin that covers your muscles. To do this, you need to exercise your whole body, and reduce your overall body fat! Doing ab workouts will tone up your ab muscles but you may still have some pinchable belly fat around them. Attending BASI Pilates classes will ensure you get a full body workout and improve your body fat ratio.

3. Engage your core throughout your workouts

Listen to your Pilates teacher’s cues, such as “magnetise the front body to the back body”, “hug your belly in towards your spine”, “zip up in your belly”, “draw your navel in”. These are all great ways of saying the same thing – engage your core! Doing this has so many benefits! It improves alignment, helps to prevent injury, improves your posture, and improves your core strength. How does this help with belly fat? Well, it means you will perform the Pilates exercises the correct way, which means you will get the most out of your workout, especially with burning fat!

4. Balance your lifestyle S’s – sleep, stress and sustenance

There’s no getting around it, lifestyle choices are one of the main causes of belly fat’s reluctance from disappearing. Stress can trigger hormones that can cause belly fat to hug onto you for dear life. Poor sleep patterns can reduce your body’s ability to function optimally. And then there’s sustenance – aka your diet. Highly processed foods, too much sugar intake and overdoing the plate portions will be working against you in your fight for the six-pack. Take control of your lifestyle and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes not only to your overall health, but also to getting that flat tummy.

Pilates is a great program to help you balance your lifestyle and see the results you’re looking for, but patience is key. Keep being persistent and dedicated and your belly will thank you for it!

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