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“Happy Feet – Happy Body” Workshop (3hrs)
Presenter: Elmandi Barnard (BASI comp, BA HMS)
The BASI Pilates workshop will focus on the correct mechanics of the foot and lower leg – particularly relating to the Pilates method.
Correct foot functions are essential for good health and any deviations thereof can result in injuries right from the ankle to the neck. Our lifestyle demands either too much or too little time on our feet and results in poor mobility and stability.
Fragile feet mean a fragile foundation. It effects our gait, posture and ultimately our whole body. This subject is one that needs more focus and awareness to lighten the load of our feet.
“Happy feet - Happy body” Workshop Outline
- Anatomy of the foot
- Common injuries and foot pain
- Addressing specific issues – how to correct
- How to incorporate feet exercises into your program
- Exercise, exercise, exercise! Mat, equipment and special tools
Looking forward to seeing you there.
To register visit www.basipilates.co.za
Cost: R855.00 - Normal rate applies if paid after midnight of the 4th February 2017
Cost: R741.00 - Early Bird expires at midnight of the 4th February 2017
DATE: 4 March 2017
TIME: Saturday: 8h00 - 11h00 (3hrs NO breaks)
Living Life Pilates Studio, 1A Link street, Camps Bay, Cape Town.
Please use name surname & order No# as your reference and e-mail proof of payment to info@basipilates.co.za
Banking details:
BASI Pilates SA
Standard bank, Menlyn branch 012345
Acc No: 414449274

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