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In a world of fast food, Netflix and online living, Pilates is the perfect way to keep young adults healthy!

The mention of Pilates may conjure mental visions of 20-something women with ponytails, leggings and cheesy grins doing all kinds of pretzel-like stretches and slow breathing movements. Yet the audience Pilates now attracts is, in fact, far more modern and dare-we-say, younger, than you may have expected. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

As with the rise of the 4th industrial revolution and its ever-increasing access to information, we have seen what some are calling a ‘health revolution’ with the younger millennial generation. A far cry from the starch-laden years of previous generations exposed to hard times and little choice, these tech-savvy teens and young adults seem to be making conscious decisions across current affairs such as one’s environmental footprint, company ethics and the food we consume.

While this is an epic forward step in the right direction, it is certainly in its infancy phase, and dependent on a number of demographical factors. Teens in many developed countries are still on the downward spiral of convenience, and the impact of these wayward choices could have dire consequences for those ‘sluggish’ enough to make them. Indeed, these are harsh words for a harsh reality.

Research has shown that roughly 34 per cent of teens eat junk food on any given day. Two-thirds of them take in at least 25 per cent of their calories from these often non-nutritional meals. The time of immediate satisfaction is upon us, and fast food seems to be the ‘go to’ choice for those embracing the spirit of the era. The days of ‘once or twice a month’ treats have become a thing of the past, and the repercussions of a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating are quickly becoming apparent.

Furthermore, according to ‘Common Sense Media’, teens spend an average of nine hours a day online. Considering the (generalised) increased sleeping patterns of this young generation, a third of one’s day is a considerable amount of time to spend in front of a screen at such a foundational age. Although sometimes a stretch, we realise this could also be due to a dedication to study time and a sheer ambition for a successful future. But for the purposes of this article, it does not matter how effectively this screen time is spent, everyone should still include exercise into their daily routine to keep their body healthy, just as much as keeping a healthy mind - thankfully, Pilates offers benefits for both.

Pilates is an excellent method of physical exercise for teens of any size, shape or skill-level, and as the old saying goes, ‘Good habits start young’. Incorporating Pilates into your child’s life can offer a number of exceptional benefits:

  • An awareness of what their body is truly capable of
  • Increased concentration training - both physically and mentally – assisting in academic performance
  • Prevention of future injuries
  • Increased core strength, posture and flexibility
  • Self-esteem and confidence through continual progress and motivation

Open your teen up to a future of positivity, health and fitness! And hopefully empower them to influence others. Invite them along to your own Pilates classes or find a Pilates studio in your area.





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