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Course Policies

2021 CPD points - 24 CPD are available for the MAT section of either the Mat course or the Comprehensive course, please request a CPD register from your Host studio on day one. 

The course/program scheduled is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.

BASI Pilates Course Prerequisites 

Students NEED to meet the following prerequisites, before deciding to take part in this highly sought-after international pilates certification course.

  • Each potential student (if you have never done pilates before) will need to have attended a minimum of 10 BASI Pilates classes at a BASI Pilates studio, prior to joining the course.
  • You will need to have completed Matric and/or be at least 20 years of age (we will consider a letter of motivation if the student applying is younger than 20). 
  • Familiarity with the teachings of Joseph Pilates
  • Familiarity in basic anatomy and physiology - Specialization in a related area of studies, such as physical therapy or massage therapy is an added benefit, but not essential.
  • Experience in a related form of physical activity - Prior experience in an athletic activity which develops body awareness, discipline, and other attributes that are extremely beneficial to the study of Pilates.
  • Teaching experience is recommended - Any past teaching experience, even in an unrelated field, will contribute to you becoming a better-skilled teacher of the Pilates method.

BASI Pilates Course Hour requirements

  • Academic Study – 72 hours: All BASI Pilates Courses have a modular structure, which covers lectures, exercise analysis, practice, and discussions. The theoretical component of the course is essential to study. These hours are covered in the course. All modules need to be attended. In the event that a student misses a module/s, private tuition (Catch up) is available from the Teacher Trainer at an additional hourly fee of R700.00 per hour, which is paid directly to the faculty when you make arrangements for this. These extra fees are over and above the normal course fees.                                                                           
  • Practical Work – 200 hours: This is individual practice on the mat and/or equipment by the student. It can be done at any location, e.g. home, a BASI Graduate (affiliated) studio or at any BASI Host studio. Students may practice on their own or in groups at any time or at a time arranged between the studio and the student.
  • Observation -  100 hours: This is where the student observes seasoned BASI Pilates Instructors teach (mat or equipment) classes. Observation hours can be obtained at either a BASI Host studio or at a BASI Graduate (affiliated) studio at a time arranged between the studio & the student. (Practical and Observation hours may be done through Pilates Interactive - if its your first time using the portal, use your e-mail address and click on "Forgot my password" and go from there... Additional costs for this subscription is for your own account. 
  • Apprentice Teaching - 200 hours: This is where the student teaches an individual (any individual, fellow students/family or friends) or a group of people at the Host location or at a BASI Graduate (affiliated) studio or at a home/office/studio.  (All arrangements that need to be made when bringing a person/s to teach in a Host Studio or BASI Graduate (affiliated) studio must please be done in advance, to make sure of space in the facility and costs if applicable.)
  • ***PLEASE Take NOTE that when you decide to do any part of the COURSE ONLINE you will need to adhere to the following T’s & C’s:

    Additional Practical INSTUDIO Hours if Course in done ONLINE:

    Comprehensive students need to do an additional (36hrs) of InStudio Practical work, where a Faculty or Experienced Instructor could assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Mat students will need to do an additional (12hrs) of InStudio Practical work, where a Faculty or Experienced Instructor could assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

You may start logging hours after your first module!

Please ensure that you are familiar with the studio policies/protocals when making use of any Host or BASI Graduate (affiliated) studio facilities. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL students need to have their student cards on their person every time they enter a Host studio,

For the duration of the course – approximately (6) six months in total (see expiry date on student card, students may attend specific FREE group MAT classes at any of the BASI SA Host studios (Not BASI Graduate (Affiliated) Studio's). Normal class fees are applicable after the (6) six-month period has expired (see expiry date on student card).

INTERNATIONAL Students will UNFORTUNATELY not have the same access if visiting HOST Studio's outside of South Africa, but if INTERNATIONAL students doing the BASI SA ONLINE COURSES are visiting in South Africa they may make use of this offer at any BASI South Africa Host studio.

Note: Log sheets are e-mailed after the first section of the course, this is where you need to keep track of the hours logged. The sheets need to be signed by a person of authority at the applicable studio. If you for e.g. practice at home and there is no one to sign the sheet, still log it. Load all hours completed via your student dashboard BASIPilates.COM Portal It is impossible for Teacher Trainers to continuously watch students practice and teach, we base the hours done on TRUST, the proof is in the pudding as THEY say, as your abilities will show during your Centralised Testing. Always keep notes of questions and/or concerns, so that you may address them when you are with your teacher trainer.

Logging of hours

ALL Online & InStudio Mat classes, tutorials and/or webinars attended by the student (NOT the InStudio or Online Course Modules) during the time of the course may be counted towards observation, teaching or practical hours. Teaching hours can be done InStudio or Online with (Family, friends, or fellow students) these are classes taught by you, the “Instructor in training” and may be used towards your hours required.

Student Tutorials

All BASI South Africa Faculty & Host Studio's offer 6 extra hours free of charge, these are known as student tutorials, in these student tutorials the teacher reviews work and focuses on teaching techniques, Q&A's, Mock Centralised Testing, etc. On request, the teacher may host more student tutorials but at an additional cost of R200 per student if requested. For the Student tutorial schedule, please contact your course Host administrator after you have started the course or it may be on your course time schedule already.

BASI Host & BASI Graduate Studios (Affiliated studio's) -differences between them:

BASI SA Host Studios/BASI Pilates Academy: These are the studios where the BASI Pilates SA courses and testing are conducted. The owner is generally also the Teacher Trainer (BASI Faculty).

BASI Graduate Studios (Affiliated studios): Are usually studios owned &/or run by a BASI graduate. Students wishing to complete required hours at a BASI Graduate studio should contact the studio directly to inquire about availability, applicable rules, class & studio rates and protocols.

Financial Requirements

  • Deposit or Full Once-off payment - The registration or deposit fee is due on REGISTRATION or if you opted to make a full once-off payment this is due on Registration or at least (4) weeks prior to the start date of a course. This covers the 7 Manuals, Registration and Tuition.
  • Instalments - When opting for a payment plan (6 or 12 months), it is a requirement that a mandate for a debit order is signed. The relevant document (Debit order instruction) can be downloaded while registering or requested from A completed form to be scanned & e-mailed with your proof of payment (EFT of your deposit) to BASI SA head office
  • Your monthly installment, either a 6 or 12-month payment plan is due between 1-7 of every new month after the course starts. Interest will be charged on any late payments.
  • Registration Fee - The registration fee including VAT is non-refundable and non-transferable and is payable on Registration, the balance of the fee is due at least 4 weeks before the course start date.
  • Refunds - No refunds are given after Module 2 or if a student misses one or more modules or if a student chooses to leave the course on her/his own volition or if a student fails to attend the course, following BASI Pilates notification of acceptance and confirmation by the student or if a student fails to attend the course without reasonable prior notification. 
  • Extra optional Costs - EXTRA Books, Online Subscriptions, Centralized Testing or lectures missed, are extra costs that are not included in the student fees. If any modules/lectures are missed the student may arrange catchup sessions with the Teacher Trainer (charged at an additional rate of R700.00 per hour) – this fee is over and above the normal course fees and is payable directly to the teacher trainer giving you the catchup classes.  Once limited studio free use time expires the Host studio's may allow students studio Use time but this will be at a Daily or Hourly charge to the student on arrival, and this rate is dependant on the Host studio, students to enquire and make bookings at Host Studio front desk or email before arrival.  

Certification requirements (Pass 70% and above)

At Module 4: Written Quiz (30 min) on all practical and theory work from Modules 1 – 3 (ONLINE) not compulsory, through student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal

At Module 7: Midterm Written (Compulsory) - ONLINE through student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal

Continued informal assessments are done during Modules 7-9 on teaching and practical demonstrations.

  • 2 Hour written exam on all practical and theory work from Modules 1 – 6.  ONLINE through student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal
  • All hours to be uploaded regularly through student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal

* Assessments during modules do not count towards your final mark, they are done to evaluate your status at that point in your course.

At Module 12:   

  • Continued informal assessments are done during Modules 10-12 on teaching and practical demonstrations.
  • All hours to be uploaded regularly through student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal
  • Upload your Case study/Research project through your student dashboard via before Centralized testing takes place. 

*ALSO once you have uploaded your case study/research project through your student dashboard via (BASI US Site) Portal Please email a copy in pdf format before Centralized testing via so that you are given feedback, this could take up to 2 two weeks. Please note that some case studies/research projects may be published on either website.

Centralized Testing Requirements (CTTC)

BASI Students (Comprehensive Teacher Training Course – CTTC) are eligible to sign up for Centralized Testing ( following the completion of these course requirements:

  • Attendance of all (12) modules
  • Completion of observation, self-practice, and student teaching hours
  • Submission/upload student research paper before Centralized testing, only applicable to Comprehensive Students
  • Upload balance of Hours via student dashboard - US Site) Portal

Centralized testing registration procedures:

  • View locations and dates for Centralized testing on the website under Certified Training TAB
  • Register online at and make payment for Centralized testing before testing date, your testing fee is forfeited if there is a NO SHOW on the day of testing, and the student will need to re-register and payment again before the next testing date.
  • Centralized testing registrations close (2) two weeks prior to testing date chosen or once "SOLD OUT" so make sure you register and make payment in time.
  • A time schedule will be e-mailed via the Host studio to all registered students for centralized testing a few days before the testing date. 
  • Make sure you have totaled your hours and bring those numbers and your previous grades from the student dashboard with you to Centralised testing and give to examiner.


  • Should a student not successfully pass the teaching or demonstration section/s of the Centralised testing, the student will need to re-register on the next available Centralized Testing date OR most convenient location and dates provided ( and only re-do the section/s that were not passed, testing fees applicable.
  • Teaching or Demonstration section/s fees for 2021 for Comprehensive students are R875.00 per section (Including VAT) or R1750.00 for both sections (Including VAT).
  • Teaching or Demonstration section/s fees for 2021 for Mat students are R625.00 per section (Including VAT) or R1250.00 for both sections (Including VAT).
  • If the student needs to re-do a section/s it needs to be done within 1 year of the last module completed.

Issue of Certificate

Students have (1) One year in which to complete everything. The BASI certificate will only be requested once all required hours (practice, teaching & observation) are complete, testing passed with 70% or above and all course & testing fees are paid in full. This can take between 6-8 weeks before you will receive your digital certificate and congratulatory letter.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would like to assist you wherever we can. Contact our Student affairs Manager, Thelia Houston-McMillan via

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