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Due to the Nationwide lockdown brought about by COVID-19 we will be working remotely until the lockdown is lifted, please continue to contact us through Social media or email at

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Your health and safety are important to us!

These are extraordinary times and the sense of uncertainty that has swept across the globe due to the quick spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus is REAL!!! In a sea of news articles and statistics, we would like to bring a moment of calm to you, our students as we are pleased to inform you that our courses are going LIVE "Online" & when regulations allow we will migrate to being "IN Studio" as well.

The LIVE "Online" Mat program and Centralised Testing has already been such a great success that we are certain that the Comprehensive LIVE "Online" Program will be just as bigger success and we can not wait for BASI Principal Faculty Theo Botha to present it to you!

Keep abreast of any changes via your Host Studio's as "CHANGE" & "ONLINE" offerings are our NEW reality. IF and When you are able to visit your Host studio's please request their COVID-19 Protocols and regulations as we are all committed to ensuring a safe environment when you return. ALL BASI Pilates® South Africa Host studio's will be adhering to stringent safety, decontamination and sanitising protocols in accordance with government directives and regulations on a continuing basis to mitigate the risk of infection, so that you are able to exercise in the Host studio's with peace of mind, so PLEASE we ask that you respect, understand and adhere to all protocols and regulations when visiting any studio's.

Breakdown of Course

LIVE Online BASI Pilates® South Africa - Comprehensive Program - (Includes Mat Work-24 CPD)

BASI Pilates® South Africa LIVE Online Comprehensive Program is structured on the same BASI quality syllabus, and faculty will go through this syllabus systematically with the students, as the syllabus is built on strong foundations, with a diverse approach to the Pilates method and all aspects surrounding it.

Have you ever wanted to study Pilates online, but were uncertain of the quality of education you would receive?

Well now is your chance because the leaders in Pilates education BASI Pilates® South Africa are coming to your screen.

With the BASI Pilates® South Africa COMPREHENSIVE Teacher Training Online program, you have the opportunity to study with the leaders in this field and obtain an internationally recognized qualification!

How does it work

All practical components of each module of the Comprehensive course are pre-recorded and are sent to the student about 1 week before the scheduled LIVE online sessions. This gives the student ample time to absorb the work and watch it as many times as they need. Once the LIVE ONLINE sessions start, students may ask all the necessary questions and have ample time to review the work as it has already been covered in the pre-recorded sessions. Note that there are extremely strict conditions for downloading and sharing this content, copy right protected.

When are the LIVE ONLINE sessions

LIVE ONLINE sessions and times are scheduled to Start on a certain date (make sure that you have a secure Wifi connection for your Zoom link) Zoom links will be emailed to you closer the the start date, and you will receive a Pre-Recorded video link (Homework) that you will need to go through before the start date of your course and a pre-recorded video will be sent every week that follows for the following Friday Lecture, review, and Q&A.

Your first (COMP ONLY STUDENTS) pre-recorded mail that is sent to you will consist of the follow:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Mod 1: Theory
  • Mod 1: Mat Work
  • Mod 1: Reformer work (Comp students only)

The COMP & MAT students meet ONLINE with the faculty member every Friday for 6 weeks, reviewing all the content from Modules 1 – 6. (Via Zoom Links that are sent via e-mail).

There is a 3week break where the students will have time to practice, and log as many in-studio and/or online classes as possible.

Thereafter the Comprehensive students will continue to attend the remainder of the precribed dates & times, for the LIVE Online sessions in which all Q&A concerns will be addressed. 

If you need CPD POINTS please request a register via - You receive 24 CPD points for the Mat section of the Comprehensive Program.


The LIVE ONLINE sessions offers the following contact hours:

Comprehensive (Modules 1–6) Mat & Comp: 24 hours

Comprehensive (Modules 7–12) Comp only: 12 hours

It is essential that students attend and complete the following additional practical, in-studio hours (this is over and above the LIVE Online sessions) with a BASI Pilates faculty member in a studio environment:

Comprehensive: 36 hours (See more details below)

The BASI Pilates® South Africa Host studios have dedicated days and times for students to cover practical components of the course in a studio environment. Kindly enquire with the Host Studio’s that you choose on when and how it will work in their specific studios with the required faculty member. Take into consideration that all regulations and restrictions pertaining to COVID-19 have been put in place, always pre-book for classes on those specific days. We hope that this is just a temporary arrangement.


PTA (Menlo Park) BASI Pilates HQ - Body Intellect Pilates Studio offers an intensive 6 days of "In-studio" practice to complete the required practical hours: 23 – 28 November 2020. (Monday to Saturday) where Theo Botha will be available for guidence and to work through practical work.

BASI Pilates® South Africa Host studio locations and Faculty around South Africa:

PTA (Menlo Park) BASI Pilates HQ – Body Intellect Pilates Studio – Theo Botha or Monique Martinengo

JHB (Craighall Park) – Body Mechanix Wellness Centre – Ashley Ritchie or Monique Martinengo

CPT (Sea Point) – Living Life Pilates – Inge Pretorius

KZN (Ballito – Tash B Pilates – Tash Barnard

Logging of Apprentice hours

ALL Online classes, practical tutorials and practical webinars attended (Not the Online Course hours) by a student during the time of the ONLINE course may be logged towards observation & practical hours.

Teaching hours: can be logged at home or via online platforms, with family, friends or clients that are aware and would like a class taught by you, the “Teacher in training”.

The required Observation, Practice and Teaching hours are also a requirement before being able to do Centralised Testing. The following amount can be done online, e.g. Observing a teacher, teaching someone, or taking class with someone.

Observation – 100 hrs: 80% can be done online, the remaining 20% needs to be in a studio.

Practice – 200 hrs: 50% can be done online, the remaining 50% needs to be done in a studio.

Teaching – 200 hrs: 50% can be done online, the remaining 50% needs to be done in a studio.

You may start accumulating hours immediately after the first day of course.

Students have one year from the last module to complete these hours and register for Centralised Testing – visit to register.

During & Post Course Tutorials

A Student gains an advantage when attending any tutorials but they are not compulsory, tutorial dates and times will be made none during the course.

Info covered during tutorials:

Students teaching each other, practise with each other, mock exams and Q&A's, it is very interactive making you feel at home with your exercises and the other students, you are able to share goals, expectations, the love of Pilates and movment with fellow students.

Attend as many Tutorials during your time on the course, as they are free of charge to registered students.

Tutorial info will be provided during the course. 

Centralised Testing

Once you have concluded all modules, logged all the hours required as above and attended at least 36 hours of EXTRA "IN Studio" time, this includes your "In Studio & ONLINE Tutorials"  within a BASI SA Host studio environment with a BASI Pilates South Africa Faculty member, and you feel you are ready, you may register for testing.

Centralised Testing registration and fees apply.

For more info contact us via: or

BASI Pilates® South Africa offers a once-off course payment. If financing is an obstacle in you obtaining quality Pilates education, please contact or to discuss financial planning.

Payments need to be done on Registration so that we have enough time to make arrangements to get your manuals to you but NO Later than 4 weeks before start date of course.

A non–refundable registration fee of R1450.00 (Inclusive of VAT) is due on registration.

COURSE COSTS: Payment Plans can be arranged ONLY for South African Citizens living within South Africa.

Item      Once Off 6 Months  12 Months
Tuition (Ex VAT)    R26 219.80 R28 841.78  R33 561.34
Registration (Ex VAT)  R1 250.00 R1 250.00 R1 250.00
Manuals (Ex VAT) R2 965.00 R2 965.00 R2 965.00
Sub Total (Ex VAT) R30 434.80 R33 056.78 R37 777.34
VAT   R4 565.22 R4 958.52  R5 666.45
Grand Total  R35 000.02 R38015.30 R43 442.80


Items Once Off 6 Months 12 Months
30% Deposit R0.00    R11 404.59 R13 032.84
Monthly Instalments R0.00 R4 435.12 p/m R2 534.16 p/m










PAYMENTS: Late Payments are subject to interest being charged on your outstanding amount.

A Mandatory "Debit Order Instruction" is required for any Payment Plan Options - see download option when registering.

Centralized testing is not included in the course fees - 2020 Fees from R1000.00 (incl. VAT)


The program structure is modular. A student does all 12 modules sequencially, if a student needs to transfer to another COURSE to finish any part of their modules they may do so but at an additional transfer fee and the modules need to be sequencially, this can be arranged through BASI SA Head office -

Each module consists of practical and theoretical components.

Foundation Program Structure

Module 1 - The Fundamentals

Primary concepts covered include the 10 movement principles of the Pilates method, an overview of the pelvic region and Pilates breathing. A historical overview of Pilates is presented, plus the BASI® approach, and the importance of safety when teaching Pilates are discussed. Repertoire includes fundamental Mat and Reformer exercises. A one-hour mat class is taught.

Module 2 - Anatomy Overview Part 1

Primary concepts covered include an anatomy and terminology overview: major bones, muscles, joints, bony landmarks and center of gravity. The importance and practice of cueing is discussed. Repertoire covers fundamental Reformer, intermediate Mat, Pole and Ped-a-pul. A one-hour mat class is taught.

Module 3 - Anatomy Overview Part 2

Primary concepts covered include the BASI® system of movement analysis, exercise physiology, and aerobic/anaerobic exercise.  The BASI® format of teaching is discussed and the Block System®, created by Rael Isacowitz, is introduced. Repertoire taught is intermediate Mat and Reformer and Leg Weights. A one-hour mat class is taught.

Module 4 - Posture Assessment

Primary concepts covered are the principles of alignment and posture assessment. Discussion includes exercise as a tool for assessment. Repertoire taught includes intermediate through advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, and fundamental Cadillac. A one-hour mat class is taught.

Module 5 - Core Strength: Back and Abdominals

Primary concepts covered are core strength and the relationship of the various muscle groups that make up the core with particular focus on the abdominals and the back extensors. Contraindications, effective exercises and the importance of understanding your client’s needs and body type are discussed. Also addressed are the role of the teacher and the importance of flow in a session. Repertoire taught includes advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, and Arm Chair. A one-hour mat class is taught.

Module 6 - Exercise Adaptation

Primary concepts include an in-depth look into exercise adaptation and the use of assists and modifications. Lecture focuses on how to construct a complete and comprehensive program. Repertoire taught is advanced Mat, intermediate Reformer, fundamental Wunda Chair and Magic Circle. A one-hour mat class is taught. A general review of the repertoire is conducted, and the online Written Examination is available at the end of the program.

Graduate Program Structure

Module 7 - Muscle Balance and Imbalance

Primary concepts covered are the meaning of balance, and the implications of imbalances in strength and flexibility. Lecture focuses on functional exercises, movement patterns, neuromuscular re-education and muscle testing. Repertoire taught includes intermediate and advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

Module 8 - The Lower Limbs

Primary concepts covered include the hip joint, the knee joint and the ankle-foot complex. The gait cycle is discussed and analyzed. Repertoire taught is intermediate Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

Module 9 - The Shoulder

Primary concepts covered are the structure and function of the shoulder region. The shoulder joint, muscles of the shoulder, and the importance of correct shoulder mechanics are presented. Lecture includes how to work with clients with shoulder problems and recognizing scope of practice. Repertoire taught is intermediate Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and introduction of the Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel.

Module 10 - Program Design Principles

Primary concepts covered are the principles of training, such as overload, specificity and reversibility. Components of physical fitness are addressed and analyzed. Lecture includes repertoire levels and how they relate to working with a broad range of clientele. Repertoire taught is advanced Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Cadillac.

Module 11 - Specific Populations Part 1

Primary concepts covered are habitual movement patterns, cross training, imbalances and setting goals. The athletic population is looked at closely. Lecture focuses on teaching methodologies. Repertoire taught includes intermediate- and advanced-level work on both Ladder Barrel and Step Barrel.

Module 12 - Specific Populations Part 2

Primary concepts covered are based on populations with restrictions and an in-depth look at pregnancy guidelines. Lecture includes teaching men and women, different body types as well as objectives and approaches. A general review of the repertoire is conducted, and the Final Written Examination is given.


Upon completion of the CTTC program, you will be qualified to:

Work according to the principles of Pilates and introduce them to YOUR clients.

Assess posture and posture types, as well as detect postural deviations.

Solve problems and provide effective exercise solutions for many physical conditions.

Compile comprehensive and safe Pilates programs, tailored to individual needs.

Direct a studio according to the highest professional standards.

Use the BASI® Block System to successfully administer individual and group sessions.

Analyze and understand the Pilates exercises, based on anatomical and biomechanical principles.

Demonstrate at high levels, the vast repertoire of classic Pilates exercises, as well as the wide range of original BASI exercises.

Use the full line of Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels & Auxiliary Equipment) including the Mat Work.

Modify exercises according to the needs and goals of the individual.

BASI Pilates® South Africa LIVE Online Course "Protocols" and "On screen" etiquette for all students.

This is a professional teaching platform and all students that are attending need to follow the protocols and On screen etiquette: 

1. Professional exercise dress code needs to be adhered to and you should be ready to move.

2. When the student joins the group via the Zoom Link: they need to be on mute to eliminate any outside noise.

3. Students need to have a Mat and area set up before session starts, have your manuals, note pad and a pen at hand to write down questions and to make notes.

4. If a student needs to ask a question during a session, please raise your hand to get the presenters attention, switch on audio and ask question when the go ahead is given, or wait till Q&A at the end of the session.

5. A Student always needs to be visible when sitting on their mat, for exercises “Landscape” or “Standing” the student must please make sure that their whole body can be seen on the screen at all times, the faculty will also use this continuos presence to mark you as present during a module and/or tutorials.

6. Please do not talk over the teacher training you.

7. Q&A will be the last section at the end of every session.

We need to keep the course efficient, organised and flowing smoothly at all times, with minimal interruption and/or disruptions please.

Training Dates




OCTTC 1-2020 LIVE Online Comprehensive Program
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module1)
    14 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module2)
    21 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module3)
    28 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module4)
    04 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module5)
    11 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module6)
    18 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Break) Self practice
    19 Sep 2020 to 08 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module7)
    09 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module8)
    16 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module9)
    23 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module10)
    30 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module11)
    06 Nov 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module12)
    13 Nov 2020
Zoom (LIVE)
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OMTTC 2-2020 LIVE Online Mat Program
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 1)
    14 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 2)
    21 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 3)
    28 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 4)
    04 Sep 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 5)
    11 Sep 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 6)
    18 Sep 2020
Zoom (LIVE)
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