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Centralised Testing

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Testing, Exams and Certificate

How to get your BASI Pilates Teacher Trainer Certificate...

  • Register, make payment, and attend all Modules of the Program
  • Log all required hours before Centralised Testing
  • Buddy up with fellow students, and make the most of this amazing time together
  • Get all those important hours and experience within a Pilates Studio
  • Register, make payment, and do your Centralised Testing when ready, PASS all required Exams with 70% and above 
  • Receive your Certificate... and become the BEST Pilates Instructor out there. 

              Evaluations and Centralised Testing


  • In each course/program, the student is continuously evaluated during modules to measure progress.
  • At around Module 4 (Mat & Comp): there is an Online Quiz available via Student Portal www.basipilates.COM (20 multiple choice questions on work covered during modules 1-3) NOT Compulsory – it’s a just measure of your progress.
  • At around Module 7 (COMP) only: there is an Online Mid Term Quiz available via COMP Student Portal www.basipilates.COM (Multiple choice questions on work covered during modules 1-6) NOT Compulsory – it’s just a measure of your progress. 
  • Once all Modules have been attended (6) MAT Program Or (12) COMP Program, the student may take his/her Online Final Written Exam, via Student Portal (www.basipilates.COM) this Exam can be taken as many times as needed to pass - No fees are charged and this needs to be done before Centralised Testing date.
  • Required hours are to be uploaded regularly via your Student Portal (www.basipilates.COM)
  • BASI Pilates Students are eligible to register for Centralized Testing: On completion of all required hours needed (observation, self-practice, and student teaching)
  • PLUS - Additional "InStudio" practical hours required for Students attending ONLINE, this is over and above normal required hours.
  • Centralised Testing Registration is done via the BASI Pilates South Africa website via Home page, under “Certified Training” Tab click dropdown to “Centralised Testing”  once in, scroll down to dates & locations and make your choice, Register and make payment as soon as possible as this guarantees your spot, as space is limited.
  • Centralized testing registrations close (2) two weeks before the testing date chosen, or once SOLD OUT. ***
  • NO-SHOW Students forfeit the Centralised Testing fee paid and are required to re-register and make payment for the next date and location on the calendar.
  • Centralized testing fees are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable if the date is missed!
  • Once you have PASSED all Written, Practical demonstration, and Teaching Exams and all Courses fees are paid in full, you are eligible for BASI SA to request your Certificate, this could take between 6-8 weeks, you will receive a digital copy. Once your certificates are received by BASI SA from the BASI US (HQ) a congratulations letter, "BASI Graduate" Logo's and Certificate will be sent to your Inbox.
  • You will then be a Qualified BASI Pilates Teacher Trainer/Instructor, and your Pilates teaching career can begin, you may use the "BASI Graduate" Logos as you wish or not on any stationery, advertising, or marketing.
  • Make sure that you stay on top of what's happening in the Pilates industry by registering for amazing Workshops/ Classes &/or Webinars through BASI SA and BASI US 




  • Should a student not successfully pass the teaching or practical demonstration section/s during Centralized testing, the student is required to re-register for the next available Testing date & location provided on the website  Teaching or Practical Demonstration section/s fees are payable once registration is done.
  • PLEASE NOTE, that Centralised Testing fees increase annually.


Students have 1 year from the last module to complete all required hours and Centralised Testing

Centralised Testing Fees for the current year: PLEASE NOTE, that Centralised Testing fees increase annually.


  • Comprehensive Students (Teaching & Practical Demonstration) - R1750.00 (incl. VAT) for both sections, if a student needs to re-do a section, the student is required to re-register and will only be charged for the section/s that need repeating at R875.00 per section


  • Mat Students (Teaching & Practical Demonstration) - R1250.00 (incl. VAT) for both sections, if a student needs to re-do a section, the student is required to re-register on the next available date and location and will only be charged for the section that needs repeating at R625.00 per section.


No fees are charged for doing or repeating any of the ONLINE Written Exams via Student Portal www.basipilates.COM (BASI US) Site

Centralized Testing fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable if Testing date is missed.

Students have 1 year from the last module to complete all required hours and Centralised Testing

Centralised Testing Registrations close (2) weeks prior to the testing day or once "SOLD OUT".


Once all the requirements have been met (Course payments are paid in full, all testing done and passed, and all hours completed & uploaded), a request is sent to BASI Pilates HQ (US) to start the process in you retaining your certificate, your info is placed in a queue for certificates to be created, signed and then e-mailed back to BASI Pilates South Africa. Where more processes need to be completed on our end before our eagerly awaiting student will be e-mailed, a congratulatory letter, your digital copy of the certificate, and BASI Graduate Logos. There are no longer hard copy certificates printed - this process can take between 6-8 weeks.

If any of your contact details, NAME & SURNAME, e-mail address, etc. have changed before your certificate is REQUESTED, please INFORM us, also keep your details current on your profile (BASI SA) & Portal (BASI US)

Centralised Testing Dates

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