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Make a difference in your community, register your Pilates Studio with the BASI Pilates SA Network

According to the Global Wellness Institute’s “Future of Wellness at Work” study, 76% of the roughly 3 billion global workforce report struggling with their physical health. Additionally, just over half are overweight or even obese. This could be due to the nature of most office jobs: long hours working with minimal mobility and a general fatigue that leaks into one’s personal life.  The impact of such an inactive lifestyle can be catastrophic. From the obvious impairments that come with a lack of physical exercise, to shortened longevity and lessened quality of life through medical health risks such as diabetes and heart disease.

Yet as these issues are being brought to light more frequently, not only by large corporations opting for a healthier brand image and workforce, but also through shifts in everyday household decision-making, there is an ever-increasing call for quality health & professional exercise institutions. As more and more around the world are made aware of the importance exercise plays in a healthy, balanced lifestyle, one could suggest that the next great movement after the ‘Information Age’ may well be an age of heightened ‘health consciousness’, an age long overdue and highly necessary.

With this in mind, there lies a great opportunity, perhaps even responsibility for professional Pilates instructors to encourage their community to get involved in Pilates classes that will benefit their health not only in the short term, but for years to come. Although some may find exercise difficult after long sedentary periods, Pilates is an exceptional platform for step by step progress at a level almost any physically-abled body can withstand, and enjoy!

However, in saturated areas such as main business hubs and preferential residential regions, how do you as a newly registered Pilates studio compete within your market? BASI Pilates has dedicated itself to addressing just this. We aim to offer as much of a head start as we possibly can to our qualified students and alumni and in turn have devised a network of professional Pilates studios across South Africa. As a registered studio, whether you have just started, or have only recently considered joining our Pilates SA network, your affiliated studio will reap the following benefits:

  • Accreditation as a BASI affiliate and ambassador, giving you access to ‘lean on’ the BASI brand graduate logo
  • Have your studio featured on our website, database and Facebook page for maximum exposure and accessibility, at no extra charge
  • A link from the BASI website to your site or profile and vice versa
  • Gain added exposure, foot-traffic and associated-expertise through students performing apprentice hours in teaching, practice and observation at your studio
  • Privileged access to up-and-coming BASI Pilates instructors
  • Feel ‘part of the family’ with your very own branded attire piece and marketing poster

Give your studio a brand-recognition boost, access to a wider market of potential clients, and the greatest opportunity for success today. Register as a Pilates studio on the BASI Pilates SA Network.

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