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Elevate your Pilates practice, gain loyal clients & give yourself the accreditation you deserve. Register on our BASI Pilates South Africa Network as a Pilates instructor

With or without realizing it, we are constantly building up a resume of life experience and accrued achievements, right from the start of our schooling days. Not only do we begin to craft the necessary characteristics that will eventually assist us throughout our ‘work life,’ but we are presented with an array of challenges and possibilities bound to shape our future careers as well. How we deal with these challenges determines which winding road our journey will take us down further, and either prepare or deter us from the next set of trials.

Slowly but steadily, over years of schooling, study, research, practice, deliberation and consideration (yes, a lifetime of hard work!) we build upon and adjust our hopes and dreams. This level of dedication is especially true when following a career as a Pilates instructor, no matter when you may begin, and if passionate enough, not even life’s setbacks and failures can discourage the ambitions you have laid before yourself.

Finally, at some point in life, you reach that beautiful pinnacle where everything seems to have come together. You’ve completed the required criteria, all the years of sacrifice have paid off and you finally have the opportunity to open up your very own Pilates practice. Hooray! Yet in the true fashion of progression, you soon come to realize that in fact all this effort has merely laid the foundation, and now, building up your Pilates business is the next set of hurdles.

We know that starting your own Pilates studio can be a trying endeavour. Standing out as a well-trained Pilates instructor in a competitive environment can be just that, highly competitive. You may even be contending with Pilates studios that have been around for years, and a small business with a small business budget, you can soon find yourself in the unfortunate position of going under before you’ve even begun. How then would one go about attracting potential Pilates clients to ensure the success of all your hard work?

BASI Pilates South Africa is dedicated to giving our Pilates instructors every possible chance of success. From our stand out courses and workshops, to offer additional information, we approach Pilates holistically at a core level. We have thus developed our BASI Pilates South Africa Instructor Network, which not only allows registered Pilates instructors to benefit from the accreditation that comes with a BASI affiliation, but also operates as a stepping stone on our already-established platforms. As an alumni, you are able to leverage the BASI graduate logo, as well as free advertising through the BASI Pilates website, database and Facebook page both for your studio, and as an instructor.

We strongly encourage all our alumni to register as soon as possible to give their Pilates career or studio the exposure it deserves.  Don’t compromise your passion, grow your business, share that passion with others, and possibly inspire the next generation of Pilates instructors!

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