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Sulene Ashton

I have been teaching Pilates since my second year as a student. Which is many moons ago! For me the highlight of Pilates is the versatility of it. The more you know, the more you can do and the better the results you see. I am passionate about people and enjoy working with instructors and clients alike. The more the merrier!

C: 0764996499
Certified in: CTTC & MTTC
Year: 2009
Class Type: Mat group, Equipment, Anything Pilates, Corporate Pilates, Pilates Retreats, Barre Fitness

Shona Swanepoel

I always wanted to heal people which lead me to studying Homoeopathy. During my studies i discovered my passion for movement through Kung Fu. The intensity of martial arts and scoliosis took its toll on my body which lead me to try Pilates, at that point I realised what I wanted to do with my life.

I started studying Pilates in 2012, I have completed the BASI MTTC, CTTC & the BASI Mentor program.

Pilates offered me the opportunity to move while allowing me to help people with their health & wellness. A gift for which am indescribably grateful.

C: 0842111604
Certified in: CTTC & MTTC
Year: 2014
Class Type: Privates, Duets, Trios, Groups
Sharné de Wet

Sharné de Wet

Cape Town

At the end of my high school career, with twelve years of dance training behind me, I was introduced to the wonders of Pilates. During my "gap year", I completed the MTTC with Ed Botha at EdB Pilates in Cape Town, started my own studio called Balance Pilates, while also preparing for my final dance examinations. These included Advanced 1 Cecchetti Ballet, Advanced AIDT Modern and Gold Higher AIDT Tap Dancing. By then, I had set aside the thought of studying with my peers and enrolled at Broadway Dance Center, in New York City, for their Professional Semester Dance Program. Since I had to leave my studio behind, I convinced my mom, Robin de Wet, to also do the MTTC and keep it running while I was away. Now the Pilates-bug has bitten her too. I absolutely thrive on movement and through the years have discovered the importance of moving safely, recruiting the correct muscles. Pilates does just that. It is my magic formula, and I want to share it with the world. Why waste time doing anything else? FUN FACT: I have a special place in my heart for elderly people. Half of my current clients consist of them and together we have seen heart warming results!

C: 083 800 7573
Certified in: MTTC
Year: 2016
Class Type: Group Mat Classes; Private Mat Classes; Open Dance Classes

Shannon Lilley

Port Elizabeth

Being physically active from a young age it seemed natural going into a career where physical activity was a part of your everyday life. Having an aunt who is a qualified Pilates instructor inspired me to pursue a career in Pilates. I love working with people. I love discovering how unique each body is. And I love to learn. Doing the BASI Pilates comprehensive course in 2011 and qualifying in 2012 has given me all that and so much more.

C: 0792627175
Certified in: CTTC
Year: 2012
Class Type: Group, Private, Duet, Trio, Pre and Post natal
Sarah Lee Hundermark - BASI Pilates

Sarah Lee Hundermark

Cape Town

Sarah is passionate about pilates and helping people get stronger, more stable, more flexible, and injury free. She has done her full training in both STOTT pilates and BASI. She has also worked as a physiotherapist for the past 18 years and loves identifying the cause of the injury and working out rehabilitation programmes to minimise these injuries. When she is not working, she is busy with her children and loves to run.

C: 0824935947
Certified in: CTTC & MTTC
Year: 2015
Class Type: Mat classes, privates, duet, trios (on reformer, wunda chairs and wall frame)

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