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Why you should join

BASI Pilates has been the front runner and education vehicle for many successful studios and instructors in South Africa.

The BASI Pilates Studio and Instructor membership is a platform for studios and instructors in South Africa to promote their studios and services. At the same time studios and instructors will benefit from partnering with BASI Pilates SA. 


  • Receive a 10% discount on any Workshops.
  • The BASI logo may be used in all advertising material after approval.
  • A link from the BASI website directs visitors to your site or profile, and vice versa.
  • Privileged access to up-and-coming BASI Pilates instructors.
  • Free advertising through the BASI Pilates website, database and Facebook page.
  • Be a BASI Pilates-affiliated studio where students can come to learn.
  • Receive an A1 poster to put up in your studio.
  • Receive branded 1-piece attire to wear.
  • BASI Pilates students can do apprentice hours in teaching, practice and observation at the studio or with you.
  • Be a BASI Ambassador on all levels.
  • You can sign up as a studio (if you are the studio owner) or instructor (if you are working at various locations).


  • Be a qualified BASI Pilates Mat or Comprehensive Graduate.
  • Attend a minimum of two BASI Pilates Workshops per year.
  • Teach predominantly in the BASI Block System or style.
  • It’s essential that you have a registered user account on the BASI Pilates South Africa website (sign-up is free).
  • The profile becomes active once payment has been received.


Annual Membership: R1368 incl. VAT 

This is an annual subscription fee.

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