Covid-19 Update!

Due to the Nationwide lockdown brought about by COVID-19 we will be working remotely until the lockdown is lifted, please continue to contact us through Social media or email at

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BASI Pilates South Africa stands in solidarity with the President’s decision to impose a Nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. And while the doors of our Head Office may be closed our team will still be working from home during this time.

Look out for all our NEW ONLINE Offerings!!!

BASI Pilates Principle Faculty member - THEO BOTHA who holds over 20 Years of experience was paying it forward to our amazing Pilates community by offering FREE daily classes for 35 Days of Lockdown on Zoom and Facebook to keep you moving and motivated, but now we need to support the studio's out there trying to keep their heads above water, please support our wonderful and experienced instructors by registering and paying for the same quality and great level of class you have grown accustomed to in Studio but now NEEDS to go ONLINE: please follow this link for more info

or e-mail: for more info

To access the 35 days of classes that Theo so freely gave to the pilates community: follow @TheoBotha on Facebook 

Please also contact your host studio's to find out more about their online options during this lockdown period.


All previously presented webinars are available for rental please contact Theo - for more info.


Cost of each WEBINAR is $12, see details below:

Please make all payments via PayPal on this website, and register via the links given below: thank you.


5 May 2020, Tuesday

15:00 – 16:30pm South Africa 

Cost: $12

This webinar is all about Understanding Neutral Pelvis, Neutral Spine and how to apply the concept of stability to the lumbar-pelvic area. This webinar will specifically take a closer look at the dynamics of the pelvic girdle. This is a great webinar to review the concept of neutral pelvis and how to apply it to the exercises you teach.

Send your questions prior to

Step 1 – Payment (Paypal):

Step 2 – Register for Zoom:

Registration close 9am, May 5th, 2020

Cost: $12


12 May 2020, Tuesday

15:00 – 16:30pm South Africa 

Cost: $12 

This webinar will cover the concepts surrounding muscles covered in the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Program. We’ll be looking at the different types of muscles, the structure of a muscle fibre, tonic vs phasic and the different roles muscles can play. In addition, we’ll have a closer look at the motor unit and the different types of muscle contractions. The practical application of these concepts will be covered so that any beginner will feel at ease in explaining it to their clients. In short, it is a basic fundamental introduction to the world of muscles in relation to movement.

Send your questions prior to

Step 1 – Payment (Paypal):

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Registration close 9am, May 12th, 2020

Cost: $12


19 May 2020, Tuesday

15:00 – 16:30pm South Africa 

Cost: $12 

The Block System is the nucleus of the BASI approach to the Pilates method. Developed by BASI Pilates founder, Rael Isacowitz, the BASI Block System categorize the hundreds of Pilates exercises in a system that can cater for any individual at any level. The implementation of the Block system and a deep understanding of its many layers can take years to fully grasp.

In this webinar we’ll be discussing the unique features of both the Mat and Comprehensive Block system. Understanding time allocation, the number of exercises to select, the level to work at and which equipment to use within this system will be discussed. Not to be missed!

Send your questions prior to

Step 1 – Payment (Paypal):

Step 2 – Register for Zoom:

Registration close 9am, May 19th, 2020

Cost: $12

Your health and safety are important to us!

There is an extraordinary sense of uncertainty sweeping across the globe due to the quick spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. In a sea of news articles and statistics, we would like to bring a moment of calm to you, our students. Please read the notice below regarding the change of dates for the upcoming modules for all South Africa Courses as well as the Centralised Testing scheduled.

Your Host Studio will also be sending out e-mail notices of any changes, to which you must please respond to by confirming receipt of your mails. Your host studio will also notify you of their COVID-19 Protocols that we asked to please respect and understand as we are all only trying to do our best to reduce the spread of this virus.

We have kept in mind and will be adhering to stringent safety protocols going forward.

Our priorities are:

1. Keeping all of you safe with minimal exposure to others during the course.

2. Allowing the opportunity to do both the theory and practical components of your course.

3. To assist where possible with self-practice and teaching in the studio, once restrictions are lifted

4. To give you the best possible Pilates education to become a Qualified Pilates Instructor with an internationally recognised certificate.


Any students - MAT Only ONLINE  Testing - 11 July 2020

Any students - MAT Only ONLINE Testing- 31 July 2020

Any students - MAT Only ONLINE Testing - 20 August 2020

Any Students - MAT Only ONLINE Testing - 11 September 2020

Remainder of 1st Semester CTTC COURSE DATES

ONLINE has become such a big part of our lives, and we do not want to postpone the course any longer than is absolutely necessary therefore BASI SA will be doing the Theory Component of the remaining Modules 7-12 ONLINE, there will also be a little revision of MAT work (Modules 1-6) during this ONLINE period:

PTA1 - 2020 (CTTC) Modules 7-12 (Includes revision of Modules 1-6)

Only (2hrs) per day for Theory component ONLINE, see dates below:

MONDAY – (Mat & Comp) - 11th May (Mod 1–3) - 13:00pm – 15:00pm

MONDAY – (Mat & Comp) -    18th May (Mod 4–6) - 13:00pm – 15:00pm 

MONDAY – (Comp Only) - 25th May (Mod 7&8) - 13:00pm – 15:00pm

MONDAY – (Comp Only) - 1st June (Mod 9&10) - 13:00pm – 15:00pm

MONDAY – (Comp Only) - 8th June (Mod 11&12) - 13:00pm – 15:00pm

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the easing of restrictions, we feel confident that you the student will be able to return to BODY INTELLECT studio as from the 8th of July 2020 at prescribed times (see below)to finish the remaining COMP Practical Components of Modules 7-12.

To uphold the safety regulations and protocols, allowing trainers, clients, and students safety at all times we will need to run the practical portion of your Modules as  follows:

PTA 1 2020 – CTTC (Modules 7-12) Practical component of CTTC (IN STUDIO)

Wednesday - 8th July (Mod 7-9) - 10:30-15:30

Thursday - 9th July (Mod 7-9) - 10:30-15:30

Friday - 10th July (Mod 7-9) - 10:30-15:30

Wednesday - 12th August (Mod 10-12) - 10:30-15:30

Thursday - 13th August (Mod 10-12) - 10:30-15:30

Friday - 14th August (Mod 10-12) -10:30-15:30

If the above dates need to be revised again Covid-19 regulations set out by Government, you will be informed of any changes via your HOST studio and you will need to adhere to the changes, again this will only be done to ensure your safety.

JHB1 - 2020 (CTTC) Modules 7-12 (Includes revision of Modules 1-6)

Only (2hrs) per day for Theory component ONLINE, see dates below:

MONDAY - 11th May - 10:30am – 12:30pm

MONDAY - 18th May - 10:30am – 12:30pm

MONDAY - 25th May - 10:30am – 12:30pm

MONDAY - 1st June - 10:30am – 12:30pm

SATURDAY - 13th June - 8:00am - 15:00pm

SATURDAY - 20th June - 8:00am - 15:00pm

SATURDAY - 27th June - 8:00am - 15:00pm

SATURDAY - 11th July - 8:00am - 15:00pm

SATURDAY - 18th July - 8:00am - 15:00pm

While we would like to say that the proposed schedule is cast in stone, it may have to change depending on laws we need to adhere to.

Studio Open time to students in your arranged pairs will need to be managed on a week by week basis. We have asked Kristie to manage this as she is fully aware of the studio commitments and your indevidual requirments. The arranged training pairs will be allowed to access to BODY MECHANIX WELLNESS CENTRE at designated times each week to facilitate practis. At all times the safety Protocol will need to be adhered to.

Having a week between repertoire will allow for practise time to solidify your learning progessiviely rather than overloading you with too much practical.

You are on an incredible journey. Lets ENJOY each step of the way, even if some steps are sideways - we get to see the view for a little longer...

KZN1 2020 CTTC (Modules 7-12) - Ballito (In Studio)

Modules 7,8,9 (8-10 July 2020) 10:00 to 17:00

Modules 10,11,12 (12-14 August 2020) 10:00 to 17:00

If the above dates need to be revised again according to new or revised regulations set out by Government, you will be informed and need to adhear to them, again this will be done to ensure your safety.

CPT1 2020 CTTC (Modules 7-12) - Sea Point (In Studio)

Modules 7,8,9 (3-5 July 2020) Fri 10:00-17:00 Sat & Sun 8:00-15:00

Modules 10,11,12 (17-19 July 2020) Fri 10:00-17:00 Sat & Sun 8:00-15:00

If the above dates need to be revised again according to new or revised regulations set out by government, you will be informed and adheared to, again this will be done to ensure your safety.


ALL Online Mat classes, tutorials and webinars attended (Not the Online Course hours) by the student during the time of the ONLINE course may be counted as observation, teaching or practical hours. Teaching hours can be done online with (Family, friends or clients) that would like a class taught by you, the “Instructor in training” may count towards your hours needed.


All 2020 BASI Pilates Students will receive an additional month or two on their Student cards allowing them to do Observations and Free Mat Pilates classes at their  Host studio for an additional month or two after the cards initial expiration date. This is due to Studio's needing to take action to limit space and operating hours after the outbreak of COVID-19. We ask that you contact your Host studio if you have any questions regarding their COVID-19 Studio protocols.


During this time we encourage you to watch Webinars that you may have previously missed out on.

Please contact Theo Botha at for more info as we have moved to a new platform.

" Thank you for the webinar it was really lovely, took down some great notes" - Melissa Greyling

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding regarding these changes. After all we are in this together and only want the best for your well being and overall health during this time.

Keep Moving, Keep Studying, Take Care and Stay Safe!

We will see you all again soon.

These date changes are subject to lockdown levels being lifted on schedule. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to send us an email on

Please follow us on Social media to keep up-to-date with the latest announcements and online offerings


INSTAGRAM - @basi_pilates_sa

Online Certified Training Dates




OCTTC 1-2020 LIVE Online Comprehensive Program
2020-08-14T00:00:00 2020-11-13T00:00:00 Africa/Johannesburg OCTTC 1-2020 LIVE Online Comprehensive Program BASI Pilates Workshop Zoom (LIVE) BASI Pilates
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module1)
    14 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module2)
    21 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module3)
    28 Aug 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module4)
    04 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module5)
    11 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module6)
    18 Sep 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Break) Self practice
    19 Sep 2020 to 08 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module7)
    09 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module8)
    16 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module9)
    23 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module10)
    30 Oct 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module11)
    06 Nov 2020
  • OCTTC 1-2020(Module12)
    13 Nov 2020
Zoom (LIVE)
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OMTTC 2-2020 LIVE Online Mat Program
2020-08-14T00:00:00 2020-09-18T00:00:00 Africa/Johannesburg OMTTC 2-2020 LIVE Online Mat Program BASI Pilates Workshop Zoom (LIVE) BASI Pilates
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 1)
    14 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 2)
    21 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 3)
    28 Aug 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 4)
    04 Sep 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 5)
    11 Sep 2020
  • OMTTC 2-2020 (Module 6)
    18 Sep 2020
Zoom (LIVE)
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