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Auditing is key to revitalize your Pilates practice and to sharpen your teaching skills. It is an essential part of the learning process to refresh the BASI repertoire and theory without the stress of being a student.

Anybody can Audit! BASI graduates and current students are encouraged to audit modules of the Mat & Comprehensive training programs. Auditing is also open to prospective students who are interested in a BASI program before making the commitment to enroll.  We are forever students and what better way to be a student than to revisit the BASI Method? Auditing is allowed for up to 2 modules of the MTTC program and up to 4 modules of the CTTC program

The cost per module is as follows:

MTTC Program: R700 ex vat per module
CTTC Program: R1200 ex vat per module

Please note:
Costs specified do not include manuals. Should you require manuals when auditing these can be purchased for an additional fee dependent on the modules you choose to attend.

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