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BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates® is the leading Pilates education academy, with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence.

Established in 1989 by world-renowned Pilates educator, Rael Isacowitz, BASI Pilates preserves the legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates, while complementing their method with contemporary scientific knowledge.

BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International, which is both the name of the academy’s holding company and an affirmation of its approach to Pilates studies. Though a BASI education is anchored in anatomy, physiology and scientific principles, its emphasis is on the aesthetic quality of every movement.

The mission of BASI Pilates is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the method and to preserve and perpetuate the gift of Pilates by educating teachers of the highest calibre.

Since 1999 BASI Pilates South Africa has been a leader in educating top class Pilates instructors in South Africa.

BASI Pilates is the educational vehicle in numerous successful studios and continues to support its graduates through continuous education and regular updates in the industry.

In 2008, program director Theo van der Riet, obtained the BASI Pilates License for South Africa, which in turn provide top class education at affordable rates and enjoys continuous support from our International Head Office in the USA and associated partners. BASI Pilates’ head office is situated in Pretoria, Menlo Park.

Developments in Pilates specific to South Africa

The fitness industry in South Africa is currently going through a regulation process that affects Pilates directly. BASI Pilates South Africa is committed to complying with all requirements of government legislation and is dedicated to ensuring that BASI graduates stay informed of, and current with, developments and requirements in the industry.

BASI Pilates South Africa has an open door policy and invites all Pilates instructors to communicate any questions or concerns. Ultimately, it is the people that make BASI Pilates the singular company that it is. Welcome to the family!


BASI Pilates South Africa is in the process of applying for accreditation through CATHSSETA, a governmental qualification authority. All Pilates course providers will need to go through this process to comply with national requirements. In the event of additions to the existing courses, BASI Pilates South Africa will provide students and graduates with the opportunity to ‘top up’ their education through affordable workshops.

Register for Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPS SA)
BASI Pilates South Africa supports REPS SA. REPS SA validates Pilates’ instructors’ qualifications and provides an amnesty period and assistance for Pilates instructors to comply with requirements. Visit for all the info.

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