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How to ensure your Pilates business has the best possible chance of success

You've put in the time, sweat, and well…more sweat! You’ve gone through all the motions necessary to become a Pilates trainer, be it mat, comprehensive, testing and auditing your skills, and it is finally that shining moment where you get to fully pursue your Pilates career with passion and energy! But now that you’re certified and ready to begin, what exactly is next you may ask?

We’ve put together a list of 7 imperative actions to see your startup Pilates studio or Pilates training career come to life:

Get insured

Ok so it’s not so exciting to start off your dream with a ton of admin, but it is truly necessary to building a strong foundation. Make sure that you have liability insurance as a Pilates instructor, as well as the necessary paperwork such as waivers etc.

Register your studio/as an instructor

Utilise the professional online space BASI Pilates has already established, and leverage from experience and a reputation spanning years.

Register my studio

Register as an instructor

Get your name out there

Market yourself using any platform available to you such as word-of-mouth through friends and family, social media and promotional discounts. Kick your networking up a notch and get involved within the Pilates community by helping out at local studios as an assistant or substitute trainer. Build up your reputation right from the start.

Find your niche

Good business is not only about offering exceptional service, but also in setting yourself apart. Take some time to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer an exclusive class linked to a need in your community, such as Pilates for pregnant women, or perhaps after hours Pilates classes for those career-devoted clients.

Let’s talk numbers

You are, after all, starting a Pilates business. While many startups aim to cut costs as much as possible, it is really important to make sure your finances are in order from the get-go. Find an accountant to assist with your tax and financial planning, and determine your rates going forward. Investing in professionals who have experience in sectors you may not, is a great investment in your Pilates business itself.

Keep on developing your CV

Make sure to update your CV with your new certification, yet perhaps what’s more important though is to remember to constantly up-skill and develop your craft as a professional, thereby continually adding to your CV.

Be patient

We understand how exciting it is to finally be able to start living your dream! It is essential to hold onto that enthusiasm and use it to motivate you during challenging times. Keep in mind that nothing of value in life comes easily, it is earned through hard work and perseverance.

We at BASI Pilates South Africa couldn’t be more proud of you, and salute your accomplishments! Make sure to stay up to date with upcoming Pilates workshops and programmes via our website basipilates.co.za, to propel your Pilates career further!

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