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 3 Day Courses & Workshops – 2019

 BASI and non BASI instructors are welcome.

 (3hr) Workshops: Early Bird - R862.50 (EB-Expire 4 weeks before workshop date) – R977.50 (Normal rate)

 (4.5hr) Workshops: Early Bird - R977.50 (EB-Expire 4 weeks before workshop date) – R1092.50 (Normal rate)

 (6.5hr) Workshops: From Early Bird – R1265.00 (EB-Expire 4 weeks before workshop date) – From R1495.00 (Normal rate)

Registrations need to be done via the website – www.basipilates.co.za – create a login profile then register for the workshop/s that you would like to attend. Payments need to be done as soon as possible to secure your booking, see early bird rates. Registrations close 7 days before start date of workshop being attended or once SOLD OUT.


3 Day Certificate Course


Theo Botha - Mentor Program – 3 Day Certificate Course


This three-day course, developed by Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz, is the first phase of Ultimate Pilates Journey, consisting of the Mentor, Master I and Master II programs. This is Rael’s voyage of discovery and exploration into the deeper realms of the Pilates method and the sharing of his life’s work that spans over four decades.

The Mentor program focuses on refinement of the work and introduces us to the higher principles, advanced repertoire, utilizing all apparatus and is taking the student to the extreme edges of the Method. The Mentor Program provides the Pilates professional with the opportunity to learn from specially elected BASI faculty that have studied with Rael for almost twenty years and is passing his life’s work on to others.

Theo Botha, principal faculty for BASI Pilates South Africa is the first elected faculty member on which Rael has bestowed the honour to teach the Mentor Program under his direction.

To be eligible for this course, you must have completed the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program or another recognized comprehensive teacher training course (proof of certificate required). Two (2) years of teaching experience for BASI qualified teachers and three (3) years for all others.

Ashley Ritchie – Pilates Through Pregnancy & Beyond – 3 Day Certificate Course


This 3day Certificate Course will give you an in depth understanding of the process the mother-to-be is going through within and the physical changes without that pregnancy brings. Pilates through Pregnancy and beyond course will take you through the 3 trimesters, the "Red Flag" conditions, exercise recommendations, modifications and assists. Hormonal affects from pregnancy, birthing and feeding the new-born as well as Post pregnancy training protocols will be addressed. Diastasis Recti, what it is and how to treat it will be discussed in detail.


Day 1 & 2: Prenatal

• Anatomy of pregnancy

• Physical and Hormonal changes and how this will affect a training program

• Conditions of concern

• Exercise considerations

• Repertoire

Day 3

• Birthing Process

• Exercise considerations for C- Section and Natural Childbirth

• Hormonal changes post birth

• Diastasis Recti Identification and corrective exercise considerations

• Repertoire


Anatomy of Movement – Dr Mark Vella – 3 Day Certificate Course

This 3-day course developed by Dr Mark Vella ND, offers a shorter and more practical introduction to the anatomy and physiology of movement. Suitable for movement or Therapy Professionals, e.g. Pilates instructors, Ballet Teachers, Sport Coaches, etc. this practically focused workshop centres on a case study-based model. This means that key exercises, each one focused on one of the 5 main sections of the body. i.e. Legs, Hips, abdominal, arms, shoulders, back, are chosen and analysed whilst simultaneously learning about joints, tissues, neural, skeletal and muscular systems and other key aspects of human movement anatomy and physiology.

As an attendee you can expect to engage in a highly visual and practical approach using group work, workbooks and a wet lab mini workshop. (As part of the cause, you as an attendee will be visiting the University of Pretoria to view ‘real specimens’ CADAVARS. Not to be missed and a once in a lifetime experience to see it LIKE IT REALLY IS!!

Exercise no doubt has an art. And as a trainer, coach and teacher you have no doubt become a master of your craft.

This course deepens your knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology underlying the movements you prescribe and provides you with a greater rationale and ability to adapt and moderate exercise. In so doing you can better apply your programming to suit your intended outcomes and goals for your client rather than solely relying on prescriptive routines. Practical, applicable, relevant and user-friendly, this course is unique in South Africa.


Workshop Descriptions:


Functional Neurology - Simone Sittig

You can choose to do 1 or all three of the workshops, its up to you) You will make BIG savings if you do ALL THREE

– Functional Neurology (1 x 6hr workshop) - Early Bird Rate: R1650 - Standard Rate: R1950

- Muscle Activation specific to Upper Girdle (1 x 3hr workshop)- Early Bird Rate: R880 - Standard Rate: R1100

- Muscle Activation specific to Lower Girdle (1 x 3hr workshop)- Early Bird Rate: R880 - Standard Rate: R1100


If you do ALL three - Early Bird Rate: R3000 - Standard rate: R3600


Brain-Body-Balance workshop presents: Functional Neurology: a modern solution to resolve lower back pain.

Learn how to use modern functional neurological principles to manage back pain. No more guesswork: learn how to assess specifically and accurately which muscles are contributing to back pain. Functional muscle testing: a modern neuro-fascial assessment tool. Learn new skills to add to your toolbox to improve movement patterns and muscle recruitment in athletes and clients. We will demonstrate that for the body to move efficiently and be free of back pain, the nervous system must have efficient proprioception, communication and feedback. The goal of this workshop is to expand your knowledge of functional neurobiology including: 



Neuromuscular function and dysfunction

A protocol to assess for muscle imbalances and associated pain symptoms 

The practical solution:

•Muscles that are neutrally inhibited need activation, i.e. corrective exercises. The B3 Solution = Neurokinesis techniques: corrective neurokinetic exercises that help re-establish communication between brain and body.

•Muscles that are overactive because they are compensating for inhibited muscles need to be released. The solution = B3 'sensory signal' technique.

This workshop teaches you the specialized B3 technique to release neuromuscular blockages that may be linked to back pain. Neural reflexive communication between brain and body are restored. Muscles return to healthy, normal tone.


Theo Botha – Shoulder Girdle


This BASI Pilates® workshop will focus on the correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle - particularly relating to the Pilates repertoire and modifications thereof. Immaculate control and sequencing of movement are essential in this method. The Pilates repertoire is shoulder dominant, particularly the advanced work.

Higher-level Pilates challenges, coupled with everyday activities demanding shoulder involvement, can easily create negative movement patterns and compensations.

Poor shoulder stability, mobility and correct pattering of movement are certainly the most frequently encountered dysfunctions amongst clients. This subject is one that needs to be addressed as its implications are far reaching.


Theo Botha – Find & Fix Movement faults


Teaching exercises is easy, teaching exercises well and making the right decision for your client really distinguishes an average instructor from a great instructor. Often as an instructor you’ll look at a movement and realise that something is not right, but what? And more importantly, how can I correct it? Well, this 3hour workshop serves as an introduction to identifying common faulty movement patterns and how to correct them by applying simple retraining strategies. In this workshop you’ll be covering the following:

- Look at what’s a ‘normal’ movement at a specific joint (neck, shoulder, lower back, hip)

- Identify faulty movement patterns

- Which muscles are responsible and which to focus on

- Looking at different retraining strategies

- How to apply it to correct the faulty movement pattern

It will give you the practical tools to apply to your clients’ program the very next day and look at movement from a very different angle.


Theo Botha – Repertoire Review Mat & Equipment


Repertoire Review is all about getting the most updated info on changes in the BASI Pilates repertoire, fine tuning your skills and deepening your knowledge on the work.

In this workshop we'll dig deeper into the specific detail of many exercises, discuss common faults, how to cue it and answering all those questions that so often come up.

This workshop is ideal for anybody that wants to be more specific and precise on the BASI Pilates repertoire and reap the benefits of it. This is also a great opportunity for any student/instructor to review the work and be all inspired again.


Theo Botha – Accessorise your Mat work


This 3hour content rich workshop that is aimed at Pilates instructors on how to maximise the use of simple, small accessories in a Pilates Mat work class to add challenge, assist and add some interesting flavour to the already interesting and varied mat repertoire.

Ashley Ritchie - Pilates Mat Work for the Mature Client


During this workshop we will discuss the specific needs of the elderly population such as mobility, strength, endurance, balance, and mindful stimulation. Go over common musculoskeletal issues with this population, and briefly talk about working with the Frail older client with many needs.

I will demonstrate many modifications and variations of the Mat work in order to teach a safe and appropriate mat class that will meet the needs of the aging population.


Ashley Ritchie - Core Power of the Principles


The motivation to put this course together has developed over time as I’ve travelled the world with BASI and experienced teaching at different levels and the exploration of what sets some students and trainers apart. 

I would love the students attending this course to hear, see, feel and experience the power of the principles and integrate them into this amazing system of Pilates.

The main objectives are to Truly understand the principles of Pilates. Enrich the quality of your teaching. Make a real difference in your performance and Be the instrument of change for the client. An in depth understanding of applying the principles to achieve stability and the freedom of mobility and strength.

“It’s not what you teach – it’s how you teach it”

The essence of Pilates and how it is taught is unique to this form of training and what sets Pilates instructors apart from any other exercise regime.

Truly understanding the principles, and how to apply them to your teaching will not only enrich your teaching but your clients experience and results.  What more could a client and trainer want?


Ashley Ritchie – Pilates for Triathletes (4 ½ hrs)


Help your clients up their game with Pilates for Triathletes.  Transform how they perform.

In this workshop, each discipline will be addressed individually and as a combination for the

triathlete.  The objectives are to give the students a better understanding of the specific muscle

groups to be strengthened and stretched for each sport.  Resulting in the correct selection of

exercises from the vast BASI repertoire to transform how the client will perform. Correcting the

weak link and giving additional sport specific modifications and adaptations to enhance

the sportsman’s programme and performance.  


Ashley Ritchie – Refine and Align


In this dynamic BASI Pilates equipment session, we will work out in both mat and equipment repertoire, paying attention to correct alignment and refinement of each exercise and highlighting details that are often overlooked by us as teachers or practitioners.  We will recognize that these details make all the difference in our understanding and performance of Pilates. We will move through the BASI Block system and get a chance to practice some of the more challenging repertoire. This workshop is for teachers and clients from any Pilates discipline. It will help your Pilates practice and teaching to evolve to a new level.


Ashley Ritchie – Rotator Disks and Gliders


When you include Rotator Discs and Gliders to any BASI Pilates workout, it is sure to give a dynamic challenge that is hard to beat! As an Instructor, creativity and variety are key when keeping your clients interested and enthusiastic. We invite you to come and explore the endless opportunities of these two assists, as we work through the block system.


Ashley Ritchie – Big and Tall (the abundant client)


I am 5ft1" and was painfully thin as a ballet dancer in my youth so it may seem crazy for for me to be teaching the "Big and Tall" workshop! However, over the last 20 years I have had the privilege of teaching Pilates to all shapes and sizes abundantly! The need for knowledge on the subject has created the demand for this workshop. I am here to share my experience with you to give you the tools and compassion to deal with the challenges for the abundant client. Identifying goals and learning to adapt the Pilates Repertoire and equipment to "make it happen" for a new beginning. Practical Modifications and assists are "big" part of the workshop (excuse the pun). My aim is for you to feel comfortable and confident working with the body that is in front of you, no matter what. We will also deal with the common injuries and postural deviations for these clients and how to correct them.


Ashley Ritchie – Pilates for Osteoporosis


Imagine having the knowledge and confidence to work safely and effectively with clients in the fastest growing sector of the population! Osteopenia and Osteoporosis affect at least 50% of our older population.

After completing this workshop, you will know:

~ The difference between Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

~ How to guide your clients with safety at home and work

~ Understand the contra-indicated movement patters for these clients

~ Required Modifications and assists

~ What exercises to add to your repertoire to stimulate bone formation

~ Be able to plan a group or equipment class for this special group of clients

Theory and practical will be wound together to increase your knowledge and to experience suitable exercises for these clients. These components will be equally matched to give you all you are looking for.


Tash Barnard – Pilates for Kids


Adults and children are different. They think differently, they behave differently, and they move differently.   That is why this program has been developed, specifically for children. Using the BASI block system and a variety of props, appropriate exercises from the BASI repertoire have been used to deliver child friendly workouts.

Cues have been developed to enable the children to execute the exercises in a mindful way. Having completed the workshop, you will confidently be able to successfully deliver Pilates classes to this unique group.


Tash Barnard – Tactile Cueing


Are you an experienced Pilates Instructor? Then come and join me, so that we can take your practice to the next level by incorporating incredible hands on cues to deepen your clients understanding and feeling of the work in their bodies. The basis for all communication between teacher and client, cueing demands great skill; information must be conveyed, received and integrated within milliseconds to bring about the desired result. Good cueing is integral to any skilled teaching session.


Monique Martinengo – Posture Rite


Proper posture is the place in space where your body is in perfect alignment. All forces are balanced, meaning the muscles are working exactly as much as they should – not anymore and not any less.

Proper posture gives us space in our bodies. Space between joints, space in our lungs to breathe, space in our abdominal cavity for our organs to work correctly

Join me in peeling away at the layers of ‘computer posture’ and ‘text neck’ and how to counter these habits through the Pilates Method. Let’s dive into ergonomics and what it means to be sitting at a desk most of the day, driving or looking down at your phone. Let’s create space!




Monique Martinengo – Tee Time, Pilates for Golfers


Golf requires muscular strength, joint flexibility, neuromuscular training and the perfect balance between mobility and stability. We all know that the game hinges on the ever-important golf swing, a complex, coordinated movement.

Whether your clients play golf leisurely or seriously they would benefit most out of a golf training program that focuses on core strength, flexibility, stability and balance. Pilates is a wonderful tool for conditioning the golf player. Join me as we dive into the world of Pilates for Golfers.


Monique Martinengo – Embrace the curves of Scoliosis


The human body will seek balance by creating ‘proper imbalances’.

Do you work with clients who have scoliosis or would like to work with clients who have scoliosis? 

I would love to teach you how to embrace the curves of scoliosis and how to work safely with curvatures. Come learn how to prop, how to identify imbalances and how to create repertoire for curves.

This workshop will teach you more about the curves and complexities of scoliosis and how to enable your client to move more freely, gain strength and flexibility in the correct areas as well as help them manage pain. Learning how to place and prop a curvy spine into neutral will be a key tool that you will walk away with and confidently implement in your teaching.

Let’s be mindful and gentle as we embrace the curves of scoliosis.


Inge Pretorius - Pilates for Men


Joseph Pilates originally created his method of Contrology (Pilates) for men, but it is now predominantly practiced my women. This workshop highlights the power of the Pilates repertoire as a beneficial form of cross training and functional conditioning for men. Repertoire on the mat and Pilates equipment will focus on counteracting the often-imbalanced muscular development typical in male clients and offer effective modifications to address restrictions most common in men. The concepts and tools provided will leave you better equipped to teach Pilates to men, as Joseph Pilates intended. 10% theory, 90% practical. Mat and Equipment Instructors welcome.


Inge Pretorius - Enhancing Athletic Ability


This workshop focuses on breaking down the most common movement patterns needed to best enhance the athletic performance of our clients. Acknowledging that many of our clients, though not professional athletics, enjoy rigorous training schedules to keep fit and healthy; we can use their Pilates sessions to support these activities outside the studio. Repertoire will look at functional movements that should be part of any training program, and how the Pilates method can be used to challenge and build strength in these areas. 10% theory, 90% practical. Equipment Instructors only.


Inge Pretorius – Mat review


Repertoire Review is all about getting the most updated info on changes in the BASI Pilates repertoire, fine tuning your skills and deepening your knowledge on the work.

In this workshop we'll dig deeper into the specific detail of many exercises, discuss common faults, how to cue it and answering all those questions that so often come up.

This workshop is ideal for anybody that wants to be more specific and precise on the BASI Pilates repertoire and reap the benefits of it. This is also a great opportunity for any student/instructor to review the work and be all inspired again.


Inge Pretorius – Repertoire Review Mat & Equipment


Repertoire Review is all about getting the most updated info on changes in the BASI Pilates repertoire, fine tuning your skills and deepening your knowledge on the work.

In this workshop we'll dig deeper into the specific detail of many exercises, discuss common faults, how to cue it and answering all those questions that so often come up.

This workshop is ideal for anybody that wants to be more specific and precise on the BASI Pilates repertoire and reap the benefits of it. This is also a great opportunity for any student/instructor to review the work and be all inspired again.


Elmandi Barnard – Happy Feet


The BASI Pilates workshop will focus on the correct mechanics of the foot and lower leg – particularly relating to the Pilates method. 

Correct foot functions are essential for good health and any deviations thereof can result in injuries right from the ankle to the neck. Our lifestyle demands either too much or too little time on our feet and results in poor mobility and stability. 

Fragile feet mean a fragile foundation. It effects our gait, posture and ultimately our whole body. This subject is one that needs more focus and awareness to lighten the load of our feet.

“Happy feet - Happy body” Workshop Outline 

- Anatomy of the foot - Common injuries and foot pain - Addressing specific issues – how to correct - How to incorporate feet exercises into your program - Exercise, exercise, exercise! Mat, equipment and special tools


Sarah Hundermark – Body of Evidence (6hr workshop + ½ hour break)


'Get ready to work, focus and learn in this interactive Pilates assessment workshop. Pilates instructors are good at teaching, but do you do a good initial assessment of your clients? Do you even do an initial assessment? If not, then this workshop is for you.

In this 6hour workshop, we will move quickly through an initial assessment. We will go through the body, and as many joints as possible, looking at range of movement, strength and stability. We will assess functional movement as well and make it as sports specific as possible for the individual. This should give you a clearer picture of what your client needs in terms of specific strengthening, stretching and movement.

In this workshop, we will combine theory with practical work as we go. We will assess as many bodies as possible for the practical component as opposed to you getting a good Pilates workout.'


Sarah Hundermark – Having a BALL


'So you've finished your BASI mat course, but do you know how to add all the different balls to your workout? Join Sarah for this 3hour practical workshop and learn how to add smalls balls, medicine balls and swiss balls to your BASI mat classes. Learn how to add variety, complexity and fun to your classes!'

Sarah Hundermark – No if’s, Just Butts (6hr workshop + ½ hour break)


'I love the BASI programme. But if we look at a basic, intermediate, advanced or master workout, approximately 10%-20% of the class includes gluteal work and strengthening.

-Are you including enough gluteal work in each class and pilates workout?

-Are you incorporating both stability and strengthening hip work?

-Are you making your exercises specific enough for your native clients e.g. cyclists, runners and golfers eat?

-Are you assessing gluteal and hip mobility, stability and strength?

Join Sarah for this 5hour interactive and practical workshop as we go deeper into the musculature affecting the hip joint. We will look specifically at gluteal musculature including muscle length, strength and stability. In this workshop, we will focus on gluteal specific exercises and how to incorporate these into your classes and sessions.

Plus you get a 1 hour mat class'


Sarah Hundermark – About the Knee


– short description please…


Baptiste Herbert – Around the Wunda chair


As the title says; this workshop covers the whole BASI block system adding modifications, assists or tips to the BASI repertoire around the Wunda chair, for specific profiles.

We will cover the repertoire from the essentials towards the more challenging workout.


Baptiste Herbert – Pilates for Dancers


Sharing my experience of eleven years as a professional dancer in international companies and ten years as a Pilates instructor we're going to put together a specific cross training workout for ballet dancers following the BASI block system.

We'll start with a little bit of theory to understand what it means to be a ballet dancer or a dancer and what a male dancer and a ballerina’s needs would be; and we'll jump straight to our practical block system in this case using a ballet dance class as our guideline.

The theory will follow throughout the session as we move through the "dance class".  The practical being used to illustrate the theory.


Marathon Mat Class (2 Hr Class)


The title says it all! Get ready to work, focus and energize with this invigorating class! The dynamics of this class will emphasize the form, flow and sequencing of the classic BASI Pilates mat repertoire. This class will be an integrated balance of strength, flexibility, alignment, grace, precision and flow. The essence of this full body integration class will challenge and increase your physical vitality, stimulate the mind and elevate your spirit!


Magic with a Circle


The Circle of Magic... or is it the circle of torture as some of you call it?

I love the diversity of this awesome assist to Spice up your Mat Class. I look forward to playing with you at LFTL South Africa as we go full circle through a full body work out. The objective of this class is to open your mind to the endless possibilities of creativity the circle offers. “Let’s make it happen!”


Standing Pilates

Why Standing Pilates? A good way to bring the body to play with all the planes and Range of Motion! It is fun, with lots of action in control, strength building and coordination.


Foam Roller Class

Get excited and come and challenge your central nervous system by stimulating and enhancing your proprioception for enhanced balance and strength in this one-hour foam roller mat class.

By incorporating the BASI Principles throughout the class we are guaranteed to unite body, mind & spirit!


Working with the Hypermobile client

During this workshop we will explore the causes of Hypermobility Syndrome and the needs of these clients. Exercise variations will be taught and demonstrated on the reformer to help you to lead your clients through a safe and appropriate session in order for them to gain more awareness and stability.


Let’s Jump – on the Reformer

This workshop is all about the Jump board and how to add more cardiovascular benefits to your session. We will discuss and explore the appropriate and safe way to use the jump board. You will be taught, and demonstrations will be given with many variations to add to your reformer session whether you want interval training or simply new ideas! 



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