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Achilles and Heels

Achilles & Heels

Posted in Research Papers / 10 January 2019
This research paper aims to explore the effects of wearing high heels habitually has on the body, biomechanics and musculature with emphasis on the lower leg and in particular the calves and Achilles.
Pilates for gluteal amnesia

Pilates for gluteal amnesia

Posted in Research Papers / 22 November 2018
Many injuries to the knee, hip and back occur due to delayed onset or inhibition of the gluteal muscle group called gluteal amnesia.

Gluteus maximus recruitment through the basi pilates block system

Posted in Research Papers / 11 May 2018
People have different reasons for starting Pilates, for some it’s to increase their flexibility or to reduce back pain, for most it is to strengthen their core. Pilates trains and recruits the abdominals to provide a strong core which in turn provides pelvic lumbar stabilisation (PLS) around which other exercises, such as arm and leg work challenge the core, much like the movements of daily living where our arms and legs move around a strong core that stabilises our spine against these external limb moments.
Tech Neck Syndrome

Tech Neck Syndrome

Posted in Research Papers / 26 March 2018
The burden of modern age technology - and how Pilates can help overcome this new age dilemma
pilates and Osteoporosis

Stress Lifestyle and Osteoporosis

Posted in Research Papers / 07 December 2017
Certain aspects of current life such as: making a living in a very competitive society, being multitask, long working hours, less leisure hours, less physical activities, overload of information, increase of population and more chaotic life in cities, etc. Became too demanding on many of us.

Recovering From Iliotibial Band Syndrome in Female Runners

Posted in Research Papers / 24 November 2017
This research paper addresses the benefits of an ongoing BASI Pilates program that assists in prevention and recovery of Iliotibial Band Syndrome also known as ITBS or ITB, in female runners. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is most common in cyclists and runners - especially in female runner’s - due to the overuse of the connective tissues that are located on the outerknee and thigh.

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