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BASI PILATES, South Africa

Pilates SA (BASI Pilates South Africa) is a leading Pilates education academy, with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence..

Established in 1989 by world-renowned Pilates educator, Rael Isacowitz, BASI Pilates preserves the legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates, while complementing their method with contemporary scientific knowledge.

Upcoming Workshops


BASI Pilates offers an array of training courses and workshops including:

  • Teaching Credentials,
  • Mat Work,
  • ProBridge,
  • Pilates for Men,
  • Movement Anatomy & Physiology,
  • and many more...

The mission of BASI Pilates is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the method and to preserve and perpetuate the gift of Pilates by educating teachers of the highest caliber. Unlike other, all-in-one Pilates enterprises, the sole purpose of BASI Pilates is to educate Pilates instructors and maintain that education on the cutting edge of the discipline for the duration of their careers.. The email address for all enquiries is: